Your contribution goes a long way

Your generous contribution improves the health and wellbeing of people in hundreds of communities and helps us to build a movement together. If everyone gives according to their ability, we can assure that the 100 Million Healthier Lives support system is equitably available to individuals and communities in greatest need.

  • 100% of every dollar you donate goes directly to supporting 100 Million Healthier Lives change efforts.
  • Your donation to 100 Million Healthier Lives, through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a 501(c)3 organization, is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

How your contribution helps

A few examples of what we are able to do with your support:

  • $1-$4,999 helps us to make this OUR movement, welcoming of contributions at every level (Change Agent)
  • $5,000 helps us sponsor patients, community members, and diverse thought leaders to actively participate in 100 Million Healthier Lives gatherings and conferences (Equity Sponsor)
  • $10,000 helps a community coalition to receive deep improvement support and capacity development for a year (Healthy Community Sponsor)
  • $50,000 helps us to maintain a bright spot library for all communities to use (Bright Spot Sponsor)
  • $100,000 helps us to launch a hub around one of our shared priorities (Healthy Hub Sponsor)
  • $500,000 helps us to build a technology platform that supports all communities to measure and manage to outcomes (Healthy Nation Sponsor)
  • $1 million or more helps us to support communities globally to share what works and work toward 100 million healthier lives together (Healthy World Sponsor)

Please contact for information about becoming a sponsor.

Thank You for Giving

Equity Sponsor ($5,000-$10,000):

Healthy Community Sponsors ($10,000-$50,000):

Healthy Hub Sponsors ($100,000- $500,000):

Healthy World Sponsors ($1 million+):

Focus of Giving: Metrics Platform

We need to raise $400,000 to support the development of an interactive measurement tool that helps communities measure what matters and what works to get to outcomes in health, wellbeing and equity. The platform has already been designed and is just awaiting funds to be implemented.

Why I Give

“I give because of the Core Principles of 100 Million Healthier Lives.  As a Leadership Team member, I ask others to ‘partner deeply’ and ‘make our work an example of what is possible.’  To me, that means I must take responsibility to model our model; giving to 100 Million Healthier Lives is one small part of that.  I feel a sense of personal integrity when I make the commitment myself.  Isn’t that what 100 Million Healthier Lives is all about?  We are committing to health together!  That starts (though by no means ends) with personal commitment, no matter how big or small.”

Kate Hilton, Leadership Team Member & Hub Leader
Senior Faculty, ReThink Health
Lead Faculty, IHI Open School Change Agent Network (I-CAN)


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