This month, we are celebrating Black History Month by attempting to “flood the zone” with multiple social media events that promote equity. We need your help to spread our common message on equity far and wide. In our last social media effort we focused on equity and we were able to reach millions of people.

  1. Leading for Equity Twitter Chat: 100mlives Leadership Team Statement
    Time: February 27th from 2:00pm – 3:00pm ET
    Directions: We’ll be tweeting out questions from the 100mlives account. Follow @100mlives to answer each question. When you answer please use #healthequitynow and #100mlives. You can follow other responses by following those hashtags. Sign up here so we have your Twitter information.
  2. WIHI: Claiming the Edge with QI in Communities on February 23, 2017. Increasingly, we’re recognizing that health care needs to look beyond its walls to better understand and influence the upstream issues impacting health. What we don’t always appreciate is that some communities focused on reducing poverty or creating early childhood pathways to school readiness are now applying the same improvement methodology that’s helped health systems improve care. The February 23 WIHI is going to shine a light on three community initiatives: the Children and Young People Improvement Collaborative in Scotland the NE Wisconsin Poverty Outcomes and Improvement Network Team (POINT); and Vital Village (part of SCALE) in Boston. Susan Hannah, Greg Vandenberg, and Renee Boynton Jarrett will be our guides to these ambitious efforts focused (respectively) on education and support for children and families across an entire country; the reduction of poverty in a hard-hit region of Wisconsin; and the utilization of better protection and prevention strategies for children and families dealing with violence and economic insecurity in their neighborhoods. Enroll now!