Measure What Matters: Whose life is getting better because we are here?

We ask you to answer this question through metrics and stories. Our commitment is to make it easy for you to create measures that matter and motivate improvement in your community. Click here to start measuring!

How It Works:

  1. You measure what matters to improve the health of the people you are working with.
  2. We offer you simple but powerful tools to know whether you are making a difference–whether that be in affecting homelessness, food security, violence, or primary care transformation.
  3. We help you measure how your work contributes to overall health, wellbeing, equity, and sustainability.

Click here to get started on the Measure What Matters Platform. 

Measurement Framework

Our emerging measurement approach focuses on 3 key areas:

1) Health and wellbeing – measured based on wellbeing (physical health, mental health, social wellbeing, and spiritual wellbeing) and life expectancy. These will have measurement strategies at the level of the individual/population, community, and society. Click here to view a presentation for more information.

2) Equity – is expected to include 1) difference in health and well-being across groups and 2) years of life gained.

3) Sustainability – (in development) will likely include the different kinds of factors that need to be sustainable at multiple levels, such as financial sustainability, ability to sustain the change process over time, and leadership, workforce sustainability.

Click here to access an instant download of the report on the framework, 100 Million Healthier Lives Measurement System: Progress to Date.

Wellbeing in the Nation (WIN)
Measurement Framework

 Wellbeing in the Nation (WIN) Measurement Framwork answers the     question “How do we strengthen wellbeing for our nation, sustainability   and equitably?” To solve this problem, the steering committee of   Wellbeing in the Nation calls on each state, county and city to implement   a nationwide plan to help our communities enhance local wellbeing and   reduce inequalities.

 WIN offers a set of common measures to assess and improve population       and community health and well-being across sectors. The framework is       divided into three elements: core measures, leading indicators, and a full   flexible set of measures.

 Wellbeing In the Nation will strengthen and sustain our entire nation’s   wellbeing and equitably enhance prosperity – community by community.   Click here to download a copy of the WIN report.

 Explore more by visiting the WIN site at The site is   designed to bring you data on the WIN Core Measures and Leading   Indicators at the national, state, and local levels.

Implementing Metrics In Your Community

We have partnered with Community Commons, IP-3, and Seabourne to create an innovative, easy-to-use measurement tool that helps you build your community-specific measures and ties them to the common measures for 100 Million Healthier Lives! The Measure What Matters Platform provides tools to improve the health, wellbeing, and equity of people and places. You can create a plan, set an aim, measure your impact, and share your progress towards an audacious, shared goal of 100 million people living healthier lives by 2020Click here to access the platform.

We are currently piloting the 7 question “Health and wellbeing questionnaire”in the SCALE communities. This is a simple, powerful tool based on people-reported outcomes about their health and wellbeing, which can give you real-time data about program impact. To learn more, contact [email protected].

Measurement Resources



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