“Whose lives are getting better because we are here?”

100 Million Healthier Lives is a global community of change makers across hundreds of communities who are transforming the way we think and act to improve health, wellbeing, and equity. Together, we have developed an unprecedented collaboration that has set an unprecedented goal: 100 million people living healthier lives by 2020. Will you join us? Let’s get started!

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This movement is for anyone who is committed to accelerating the improvement of health, wellbeing, and equity in partnership. Whether you are an individual, an organization, a community coalition or a network, the 100 Million Healthier Lives movement is free to join. To learn more about the 100 Million Healthier Lives movement and our approach, click here.


Measure What Matters is for anyone who is working to answer the question, “Whose lives are getting better because we are here?” In the Measure What Matters Platform, you can create a plan, set an aim, measure your impact, and share your progress towards an audacious, shared goal of 100 million people living healthier lives by 2020. The platform is built to make it easy for anyone to measure their progress. As long as you are committed to improving health, wellbeing, and equity, join other communities and organizations or join an innovation hub to improve. To find out more, click here.

To watch a video about the Measure What Matters platform, click here.


Because two kids from two miles apart can have a 25 year difference in life expectancy. Data give power. Power to understand your impact. Power to improve and change. Power to make a difference. Whose lives are going to get better because you are here?

Stories have power too. Share your story here. Let’s get started!