Turn the Tide on the Opioid Crisis with the Community Improvement Toolkit


Driver Diagram to Turn the Tide on Opioids Across Health Systems and Communities 

  • Opioid Driver Diagram: How heath systems and communities might start taking action towards solutions, with interactive links to resources.


IHI Whitepaper to help health care, communities, and individuals take a community-driven, integrated, and multi-sector approach to address the opioid crisis


The University of New England has a blog, Portraits of Pain, where individuals experiencing chronic pain can tell their stories with words, pictures, and videos.

The Opioid Dashboard is a one stop shop for statewide data relating to opioid use, misuse and overdose death prevention.

  • Find the dashboard here.

Bright Spots & Resources


Place-Based Bright Spots and Resources 

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Map of Bright Spots 

In 100 Million Healthier Lives, we are shining a light on bright spots in our interactive map of the movement. Click here to access the Opioid Bright Spots on Mapping the Movement to connect to examples of working to reverse the opioid epidemic across the globe.


Nominate a Bright Spot or Resource 

Do you know a Bright Spot or resource you want to nominate? Click here.


Networking Opportunity: 

Join’s professional virtual communities of more than 20,000 health care providers the week of November 7 – 11 for a virtual Expert Panel on the opioid epidemic. This panel will explore the issues of provider engagement, support for community-level interventions, and other methods for preventing and treating opioid addiction to improve care delivery. Participation is free and open to the public! To learn more about the panel and how to participate, visit Please contact [email protected] with any questions.


Mapping the Movement 

Click here to access our interactive map of the movement and find other individuals, communities, and Bright Spot initiatives working to reverse the opioid epidemic across the globe.


Will you join us? Here’s how:

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100 Million Healthier Lives Key Contacts:

  • 100 Million Healthier Lives Implementation Team contact: Katie McCormack, Engagement Coordinator for 100 Million Healthier Lives.
  • 100 Million Healthier Lives Leadership Team contact: Kate Hilton, JD MTS, Senior Faculty ReThink Health; Senior Faculty IHI.