Distributed Leadership

100 Million Healthier Lives operates from a model of shared and distributed leadership across organizations. Learn more about our network of individual leaders and organizational partners below.


100 Million Healthier Lives includes partners across sectors and levels. Click on any category to learn more and see a list of organizational members. Visit our map of the movement to see where work is happening.

PARTNERS: Organizations in the following areas have committed to play a leadership role in 100 Million Healthier Lives.

  • Convener: the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Community: Organizations, Coalitions + Collaborations
  • Education, Training and Research
  • Funders + Payers
  • Government Collaborators
  • Health care + Public Health: Systems, Nonprofits + Organizations

Click here to view a listing of partners by the following categories.

Map of the Movement

Visit our interactive map to learn where activity is happening in 100 Million Healthier Lives, including in a variety of community initiatives such as SCALE, Pathway to Pacesetter, and MyVA Communities; by individual change agents; and in hot spots of activity related to specific topics and hubs.

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Structure and Support System

To realize 100 Million Healthier Lives we need to work together across boundaries. We have adopted a nimble but inclusive distributed leadership model across organizations thru topical hubs and geographic hubs:

  • Topical Hubs: Reflect strategic priorities and include organizations with similar areas of interest (i.e., child health, mental health, health system transformation).
  •  Geographic Hubs: Organizations or coalitions who can play a convening and support role in their region.

Click here for more information about the core trellis support and hub structure of 100 Million Healthier Lives.

Topical Hubs


  • Aging Well
  • Behaviorial Health and Wellness
  • Child Health
  • Communities of Spirit
  • Equity and Social Determinants of Health
  • Healthy Living
  • Veterans



  • Culture of Wellbeing
  • Health Systems Transformation
  • Improvement Capability in Community
  • Leadership Development
  • Metrics
  • Partnership and Co-design
  • Sustainable Financing
  • Students and Workforce

To learn more about shared priorities across the movement that links to the leadership groups within these topic areas, click here.

Geographic Hubs

Geographic hubs organize people and organizations across sectors in a community or region to work together on improving health. To find a community or hub near you, click here.


  • Minnesota, United States
  • North Carolina, United States
  • Ontario, Canada — Local Health Integration Network
  • Scotland
  • South Carolina, United States

For more information on becoming or joining a geographic hub, please email 100MLives@ihi.org.

Community Initiatives

Communities around the globe participate in the movement in a variety of ways. Some examples of community initiatives within topical and geographic hubs are listed below. To find more information about community initiatives within the movement visit our interactive map.

MyVA Communites

The MyVA Communities model enables Veteran advocates, service providers, Veterans, and stakeholders to have a voice in identifying their community goals and work to resolve issues at the local level to improve service delivery for Veterans, Service members, and their families. Click here to learn more.



SCALE: Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation SCALE supports 20 “pacesetter” communities and 4 “mentor” communities who are already on the move across 21 states in the US to substantially accelerate their health improvement journey.  SCALE is generously funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Click here for a list of SCALE communities and associated coalitions.

Click here to learn more.

Pathway to Pacesetter (P2P)

Pathway to Pacesetter is a virtual capacity building program that supports communities to accelerate their improvement journey, no matter where they are. The goals of Pathway to Pacesetter are:

  1. Support local leaders working together across sectors to be effective in achieving their goals for improving health, wellbeing and equity in their communities.
  2. Accelerate the spread of good ideas and practices between communities through the development of relationships, peer to peer networks, and an effective learning system for spread.

A 2nd cohort of Pathway to Pacesetter will be starting soon. If you are interested in learning more, click here.

HealthDoers: Join the Online Community

We invite you to join our collaboration platform, HealthDoers, brought to us by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Collaborative Health Network/Network for Regional Health Improvement!

We invite you to exchange stories, find collaborators, learn and share!

Featured Bright Spots

Learn about change agents who are creating bright spots around the globe on the journey to 100 Million Healthier Lives.

NHS Change Day

From England – NHS Change Day – a grassroots campaign for individuals in England to harness collective energy, creativity and ideas to make a change so small actions will make a big difference in improving the care and wellbeing of those who use the NHS (National Health Service). NHS Change Day utilizes social media to track pledges for their yearly Change Day, and have scaled up their work across the globe. Learn more here.

Change Day Australia

Based in Australia – Change Day Australia – is a social movement that invites the health and community care workforce across Australia to make a pledge to do one thing to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals; communities and the Australian health and community care system as a whole. In the first year they gathered more than 15,000 pledges from across Australia and in 2016 we are confidently aiming to collect 50,000 pledges. Learn more here.

Members Spotlight

  1. Mike Rocha MD is working to improve the health of residents in the New Bedford area. He now leads a monthly Wellness Walk the first Saturday of every month and founded the New Bedford Wellness Initiative. 
  2.  Mary Freer is the Founder and CEO of Change Day Australia and works closely with Change Day leaders in many countries across the world to bring about global improvements to our health and social care systems.

Stories of Health and Wellbeing

In the Words of Our People: Videos

100 Million Healthier Lives comes to life in the words and stories of our members. We invite you to submit a video to 100MLives@ihi.org! Some examples:

  • A series of videos from the Bernalillo County Community Health Council, a SCALE community in New Mexico about health, wellbeing and equity.
  • “Faces and Facades: Concentric Circles of a Community’s Health,” a Pecha Kucha style video from SCALE community member Jennifer Olsen in Waterville, Maine.
  • “Health Innovation Hub and A Regional Hub Building a Culture of Health,” from The Health Innovation Hub in Williamson, West Virginia, a SCALE community and the anchoring hub and network for building a culture of health throughout Central Appalachia.


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